DESTROY WINDOWS 10 SPYING 禁止系统跟踪和记录 安全软件

DESTROY是一款针对windows 10开发的,版本号:V1.6 BUILD 716,DESTROY SPYING是一款禁用Win 10监视工具。Windows 10系统会监视用户的一举一动,并会自动收集用户数据。Destroy Windows 10 Spying这款工具就是可以阻止发送匿名数据的一款工具。


Destroy Windows 10 Spying zawiera również funkcję pozwalającą na odinstalowanie wybranych 
aplikacji dostępnych w systemie Windows 10, których nie można usunąć w standardowy sposób 
(np. Xbox, Pasjans, OneDrive i Builder 3D). 

After the release of Windows 10 users began to study the license agreement, 
and points out there have noticed that Microsoft’s next for them, and the users 
themselves to sign it. All your data is sent to Microsoft server and remain there. 
It turns out that for any hacking Microsoft (and this is really, think of how to 
hack Google, and merged all mail) all your data will flow away in the network. 
Even if there is no break Microsoft, then because of the surveillance may have 
problems. There have already been cases of blocking Microsoft account, which is 
tied to the operating system. The reason for the block, only one – a violation of 
the license agreement. For nothing of the above happened, it should take care of 
their anonymity and disable all spyware, and write to Windows 10. You can do it hands, 
and can use the automatic utility Destroy Windows 10 Spying, and remove it by two clicks. T 
his utility has a flexible configuration to remove spyware.